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The above mesh styles are available in a variety of sizes. For standard products, a wide range of colors, materials and openings are available.

Standard, anodized, powder coated or fluorocarbon coated for your choice.

Special decorative designs such as contrasting colors, mesh size variations, or any other requirements are available.

Please talk to us before ordering - Ares Engineering

Ventilation requirements? Does it need to be used as a sunshade?

Projects should respect the architectural style and use.

Vertical façade, polygonal façade or free form?

It needs to be easy to install and maintenance free.

Material weight and strength?

Applicable materials

AluminumAluminum expanded metal panels are light weight and corrosion resistant. Anodized to obtain a wide range of vibrant colors.
Weathering SteelWeathering steel, also known as weathering metal, is designed to eliminate the need for painted steel and to ensure that the steel develops a stable rust-like appearance even after prolonged exposure to the outdoors.
Stainless steelsAustenitic stainless steels have the best process properties due to their good plasticity. Martensitic stainless steels have lower technical properties due to their higher hardness.
Galvanized steelUsing hot-dip galvanized steel as the material, it can protect your facade panels from corrosion damage for decades.

Expanded metal facade - breathable, beautiful and long-lasting

The expanded metal facade, with its three-dimensional openings arrangement, gives a modern noble and elegant architectural temperament. Thus appreciate the aesthetic value of the architectural exterior design. Expecting a unique decorative effect, the large openings provide good air circulation while protecting the building from the effects of time and bad weather. Designers prefer to use aluminum as a material because it is both environmentally friendly and economical.

Light weight and high load capacity.

Provides three-dimensional lighting effects.

Good surface gloss and breeze.

Color tone harmony with architectural design.

Easy to install and maintenance-free.

Complete textures, finishes and lasting colors.

Metal panel facade systems open up numerous design and application possibilities, setting new standards in aesthetics and design.

Expanded metal facade is also economical and sustainable - whether as an enclosed or open building envelope, interior or ceiling cladding, sunlight or privacy protection. Whether standard or custom mesh, expanded metal offers almost unlimited flexibility.

Expanded metal facade

Expanded metal facade cladding is made by cutting regular slit patterns into metal panels and reshaping them. It can be used to create a more transparent façade by creating diamond or circular openings in the panels. Steel mesh is also an economical product because no material is wasted in its production.

Thanks to its many manifestations, expanded metal facade offers unlimited possibilities for, for example, facades, roof structures, ceilings or site fences. Thanks to the various fixing techniques, expanded metal facade panels can be attached to any background. Whether for renovation or new construction, Expanded Metal is the product to achieve an outstanding end result.

Production of architectural expanded mesh

Architectural expanded mesh is produced by means of metal plate forming process. This obtains openings and regular gaps with different shapes (diamond-shaped, square shaped, hexagonal shaped, triangle-shaped and fish scale hole) and sizes, permitting air, light and eye sight transition.

All the details can be customized according to customers' requirements such as the material, thickness, hole size, strand width, panel size even the finish and color.

Architectural use of architectural expanded mesh

Nowadays, architectural expanded mesh is widely used in architectural decoration, for example, building cladding, roof ceiling, decorative fence, interior screen and so on.

Our specialists can provide expert advice and guidance to assist you in selecting the appropriate format of expanded mesh panel. We can assist with advice regarding acoustics, light transmission and ventilation requirements and offer suggestions to suit individual budgets, designs and installation requirements.

Whatever is the process, type of architectural expanded mesh or field of application, we guarantee the highest quality.

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