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Diamond Expanded Mesh with Black Matt Finish

Model No.: HJAD-2675

Material: Aluminum

Thickness: 2.0 mm

LWD x SWD: 75mm x 26mm

Strand width: 8mm

Overall thickness: 13mm

Weight: 3.33 kg/m2

Open area: 39%

Description: HJAD-2675 is an expanded metal with diamond shape. It is the most suitable to best enhance the aesthetics of any modern structure.

Expanded metal mesh
(1)Production of expanded metal for decoration

Architectural expanded metal from Ares is produced by is produced by means of metal plate forming process. This expanded mesh obtains openings and regular gaps with different shapes (diamond-shaped, square shaped, hexagonal shaped, triangle-shaped and fish scale hole) and sizes, permitting air, light and eye sight transition. The expanded metal sheet from Ares can be adapted for use in j any architectural metal decoration project, expanded metal has many advantages such as versatile , economical and lightweight.

(2)Various Material Choice
· Aluminum, aluminum alloy
· Carbon steel
· Galvanized plate
· Stainless steel 201, 304, 316, 316L
· Copper
For decoration use, most customers choose aluminum alloy as their expanded mesh project material, the most popular types are:
1 series (alu≥99.5%): alu 1060, alu 1050, alu 1100 (most popular is alu 1060)
3 series (include aluminum, manganese): alu 3003 (most popular)
5 series (include aluminum, magnesium): alu 5005, alu 5052 (most popular)

Among them, the alu 1060 is used widely in expanded metal, because it has good ductility and stretchability, which allow us perforating various hole types.
For the 3 series and 5 series grade, some of the holes are limited by their ductility and stretchability, actually it is more suitable for producing perforated sheet.

(3) Optional Surface Treatment of Architectural Expanded Mesh
· Mill finish
· Powder coating
· PVDF painting
· Spraying painting
· Anodizing (only for aluminum material)

(4) Extensive Color Options
· RAL color card
· Pantone card
· Customized according to your sample or photos

(5) Controllable Features
By controlling the hole shape and hole size of expanded metal mesh, the building facade can adjust the air, light and eyesight transition.

For example, the expanded metal mesh specification in the Pictures is :
Thickness: 3mm
LWD: 250mm
SWD: 100mm

(6) Application
The expanded metal mesh can be used for different applications in the architectural sectors:

·Expanded Mesh for Building cladding

·Expanded Metal for Roof Ceiling

·Expanded Sheet for Decorative fence

·Expanded Metal mesh for interior Screen

Expanded mesh panel are extremely strong and flexible enough to be used for metalwork fabrication and metal structures. Our specialists can provide expert advice and guidance to assist you in selecting the appropriate format of expanded mesh panel. We can assist with advice regarding acoustics, light transmission and ventilation requirements and offer suggestions to suit individual budgets, designs and installation requirements.
Whatever is the process, type of expanded metal mesh or field of application, we guarantee the highest quality.