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Factory Sale Exterior Facade Raised Aluminum Expanded Metal

Model No.: HJAH-45155

Material: Aluminum

Thickness: 2.0 mm

LWD x SWD: 155mm x 45mm

Strand width: 10mm

Overall thickness: 20mm

Weight: 2.38 kg/m2

Open area: 55.60%

Description: HJAH-45155 is diamond hole expanded metal mesh. Its openings permit free flow of light, heat, sound & air.

Building facades and cladding are perforated metal panels that typically serve any of the following functions:

Conceal something unsightly

Reduce glare from the sun

Reduce wind or noise

Provide light to the building occupants

Provide privacy

Improves aesthetics


No matter how attractive the design of a perforated metal panel façade looks, even if it's a little off, or the finish is inconsistent, or it's a nightmare to assemble - it's not functional.

Ares Engineering has extensive experience in architectural applications, so we can provide guidance for building perforated facades from start to finish. Our arsenal of equipment and tools allows us to offer a wide range of perforated metal patterns and customizations in a variety of sizes and dimensions. We can customize perforated metal panel facades with edges that can be easily attached to the building. We go beyond the basics to ensure projects are on time, on budget, functional and beautiful.

Design Guidance

We guide you through every phase of your project, facilitating architects and engineers - to ensure a successful project and save you money. ares engineering can perforate, fabricate and finish, so we understand the intricacies of each step in the process and the best way to troubleshoot them. Because of this expertise, we've earned a reputation for being able to "save the day" and save a project that another company is fumbling with.

Standard Pattern Perforated Facade

Custom Patterned Facades

Patterned Perforated Facades

Corrugated Perforated Facade

3D sculptural façade

Easy to install

We take the time to properly package, mark all perforated facade panels, and include instructions to ensure safe delivery and easy installation.