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laser cut metal screen panels - Ares Engineering

Ares Engineering can produce laser cut metal panels in any of the above patterns, or create your own design. Contact us for a quote on your custom project.

laser cut metal screen panels are made from aluminum, aluminum alloy; galvanized sheet; mild steel; stainless steel 304,316; brass, etc. and are precision laser cut to create some very unique patterns. After cutting, a fluorocarbon spray (PVDF), powder coated finish is applied to each metal screen to give the metal panels a clean, complete look. Our metal panels will be available in 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm thickness (or custom) and 1m*2m, 1.22m*2.44m, 1.5m*3m size (or custom) (depending on the pattern chosen) in the color requested by the customer. Depending on the design, the weight of each laser cut metal screen panels varies from 30 lbs to 120 lbs.

Customizing laser cut metal screen panels is definitely a possibility, however, we ask you to provide us with the available DXF files and the exact dimensions needed so that we can provide you with an accurate price.

laser cut metal panels

From interior partitions or feature walls to stunning facades. The laser cut metal collection offers unique design solutions for interior and exterior metal applications.

Decorative privacy metal screens and decorative metal panels

Our decorative panels are available for interior or exterior applications. These metal panels offer increased resistance to atmospheric corrosion. Our powder coated aluminum panels can also be used as outdoor panels and can be made in any color.

These panels can be used as outdoor privacy screens. decorative panels function well as deck privacy panels and can add a unique architectural style to any deck or patio. If privacy is not required, check out our decorative metal railings for lower decorative panels.

laser cut metal screen panels can also be used to hide unsightly units, systems or structures. 

For interior use, our decorative laser cut metal screen panels can be laser cut from aluminum and powder into any color of your choice. They can be installed as decorative roommetal partitions, or provide a special touch to any interior space.

Contact us with your own custom application and the panels will be manufactured to your exact specifications and needs. If you want to add decorative accents to your ceiling, get in touch with us!

Production of laser cut sheet

Laser cut sheets are laser or carved lines into metal plate to create fantastic patterns. It produced by laser cutting machine or carving machine, this product allows customers to customized the unique pattern of themselves.

Our CNC cutting services deliver clean edges and tight tolerances with completely repeatable results.

All the details can be customized according to customers' requirements such as the material, thickness, hole size, panel size even the finish and color.

Available in a large variety of finishes including powder coated and PVDF painting, laser cut sheet provides designers and architects with the freedom to create a diverse range of patterns and designs.

Architectural use of laser cut sheet

The beautiful effect of laser cut sheet is satisfied the architectural decoration. As well as the aesthetic properties, laser cut panel systems are an effective method of satisfying ventilation and solar shading requirements.

Our experienced team will work with yours to provide an efficient process from design and prototype stages all the way through flat laser cutting and final production. We can assist with advice regarding acoustics, light transmission and ventilation requirements and offer suggestions to suit individual budgets, designs and installation requirements.

Whatever is the process, type of laser cut sheet or field of application, we guarantee the highest quality.

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