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Architectural Design: How to Use Laser-cut Privacy Screens on Your Next Project

Mar. 09, 2023

Laser-cut architectural screens have always been an eye-catching privacy solution for the suburban home, but now more architects and designers are getting requests from their business clients to create metal decorative screens to add personality, privacy and shade to their office or outdoor space.


Privacy screens are a laser-cut sheet, generally made from steel or wood, that is precision cut by a steel cutting provider to create an artistic pattern, including nature inspired botanical designs, geometric shapes or an abstract outline of your own choice.


Laser cutting offers the perfect blend of technology and design, with artists, graphic designers and architects able to craft a charismatic design fit for their client, which can then be accomplished by profile cutting techniques on the chosen material.

Architectural use of laser cut sheet

The biggest benefit of using a laser cutter to shape your design is that it can offer a sharp, clean finish with low wastage of materials. And since professional laser cutters adopt automated and computerised technology, errors and miscalculations are non-existent.


So, with that all in mind, what are the best uses for metal screens in your studio or office space?


Clever room and partition dividers


The average office boasts an open plan floor design, which can promote collaboration – and awkward silences. Working in an open place office doesn't have to mean the end of privacy. In fact, the long-term value of a workplace can be unlocked through a well-designed open office that empowers employees to do their best work, in the right place and time.


It doesn't mean owners need to do a complete redesign, however. Simple measures such as movable privacy panels can create meeting rooms, private ad-hoc chat areas and give employees more control over their workspace.


To shield the office for privacy and sun protection


Does your amazing new office space offer no privacy from outside wanderers? Perhaps the sun glares through the windows creating additional heat? An ornate screen veiling certain windows offers both sun protection, yet enough healthy light to flow through to the space.

Architectural use of laser cut sheet

Artistic way to create outdoor shelter


A laser-cut steel panel can function as an outdoor awning, to reduce the effects of the varying elements, while offering an aesthetically modern design. A standalone screen also looks great in any garden, as an art feature to complement the existing landscaping and surrounds.


Conceal spaces

Are there areas of your office that aren't appealing to clients, yet necessary for your business? A laser-cut screen is a fantastic solution to enhance and conceal the space, while still allowing it to be used for its original purpose, for example, a storage area.


If you would like laser cut panels, including stainless, aluminium, mild or galvanised steel, incorporated into the architecture of your next project, contact ARES today for a personalized quote.