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Ares Engineering's Metal Mesh Drapes offer a whole new level of design freedom for architects and designers worldwide. Specifically designed for a variety of creative interior and exterior architectural applications, security doors and screens, and blast protection for high-threat facilities, these Metal Mesh Drapes offer the design and material flexibility to achieve unique, stunning results.

Metal Mesh Drapes woven wire mesh is specified to meet a myriad of architectural features for project performance and design. With a choice of metal mesh fabric shades, draperies and panels, architects can meet shading, space separation, fall protection, light diffusion, ventilation, privacy, blast protection and decorative functions in one highly versatile, customizable material.

Metal Mesh Drapes is a high-strength metal mesh drapery panel produced by interlocking individual coiled metal wires in a simple corkscrew fashion. This roll-up material can be made in virtually unlimited widths and lengths up to 40 feet to meet the size requirements of any project. For projects requiring longer panels, the team can ship the grid in separate sections and then piece them together at the job site. Prior to installation, the edges of the fabric are hand-rolled and the finished metal mesh panels are secured to the attachment system of your choice.

Ares Engineering maintains its position as the industry's leading supplier of metal mesh drapes because of the unique and enhanced material properties of their products. For example, the translucency of Metal Mesh Drapes provides the sensation of opening and closing at the same time, enabling a variety of performance features that are simply not possible with traditional woven metal mesh materials. In addition, the material is not rigid, making it easy to achieve unique flowing creations. In addition, Ares Engineering's high quality metal mesh products are available in durable powder coatings, low VOC finishes and eye-catching custom colors.

The beauty of Metal Mesh Drapes is that they can be tensioned like a flat panel or used as a free hanging curtain. Metal Mesh Drapes are available in a variety of durable, radiant materials that can be specified for steel, aluminum, brass, copper or stainless steel mesh curtains or panels. Regardless of material choice, Metal Mesh Drapes is 100% recyclable, has a statement label, and is Red Listed for the No Living Building Challenge. It has a low carbon footprint, is sourced domestically, is easy to maintain and is cost effective for building teams and owners.

Ares Engineering is committed to manufacturing coiled wire fabrics for architects and designers that provide significant architectural performance and environmental benefits.

Metal Mesh Drapes give greater design flexibility to meet specific visual criteria, functional requirements, and even modest budgets. metal Mesh Drapes hang from above and can be attached to an operable connection system. With the flexibility and formability of the material, these removable systems allow for multiple space configurations, privacy when needed, and can even be hidden within wall channels. In addition, the metal mesh is more durable than everyday window coverings and stands up to the rigors of residential and commercial environments, including high-traffic lobbies, restaurants, offices, warehouse facilities and more.

Metal Mesh Drapes

Metal curtains (metal mesh curtains), as the name implies, are curtains made of metal mesh. Unlike ordinary curtains, metal mesh curtains are mainly used for interior decorative purposes, such as ceilings in restaurants, screens in living rooms, wall coverings, etc., giving a new look to monotonous interior environments with a sense of art and warmth. Feeling.

Decorative wire mesh curtains require not only beauty, but also durability. We offer metal mesh curtains in various materials, such as stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum and other special alloy materials. The metal curtain surface can be the original color of the metal, or can be processed into bronze, rose gold, green, pink, black and many other colors.

Metal mesh curtains and coil mesh curtains are the preferred solution for elegant room dividers and other interior screening requirements. They offer the functionality of fabric curtains, but with the following advantages associated with metal.


Easy to maintain

Corrosion resistant

Durable and long-lasting

Multiple finishes to choose from, including metallic finishes

Different levels of transparency and fullness

Easy to install

We promote tried-and-tested mesh specifications, but custom materials are also available, and Ares Engineering metal mesh can be customized in free area, aperture, wire diameter and finish to meet a variety of functional and aesthetic requirements. Although most popular for decorative purposes, metal mesh curtains can be used as any of the following.

Room dividers

Energy efficient window interiors

Building fa├žade

Sun shading

Sound insulation

We regularly advise architects and contractors on the specification, design and installation of our materials.

If you have any questions about our metal mesh fabrics, please contact our team of experts for more information.

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