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Decorative wire mesh is also known as architectural wire mesh, decorative metal mesh and decorative mesh fabric. We manufacture high-quality decorative wire mesh for architectural decorative solutions such as ceilings, walls, facades, space dividers and more. Our architectural wire mesh comes in an almost unlimited number of forms and styles for interior and exterior architectural decoration. It provides stunning views of buildings and achieves a unique aesthetic. The most commonly used products are flat wire decorative wire mesh, double rolled edge decorative wire mesh, and round rolled edge decorative wire mesh.

Ares Engineering decorative stainless steel mesh is characterized by forming unique and memorable designs - adding an eye-catching element to everyday applications. These decorative stainless steel mesh can also be produced in aluminum, brass, bronze and many more metal types and combinations that often bring interest and appeal to interior spaces. With the right finish, decorative metal mesh is also a great choice for exterior applications and can complement any scale of design. From ceilings and infill panels to decorative coverings and partitions, decorative stainless steel mesh is a great option that is readily available to you.


The information provided below is your guide to selecting the right wire mesh product for your project. Click on the links below for ordering information from Ares Engineering.

ApplicationsApplications/uses for decorative stainless steel mesh include screens, partitions, parking lot and building facades, cabinet inserts, fences, etc. We invite you to browse through our products for mesh applications.
Mesh TypesChoose from a variety of square, rectangular, and other types.
Type of ConstructionChoose from woven or welded construction types for your design.
Primary Materials/Product FinishesSelect the primary material type, including aluminum, copper, carbon steel, brass, galvanized steel or stainless steel, taking into account climatic or environmental realities.
Weave/Finish TypesSelect weave construction and weave type (e.g., plain, locking, pinch), trim or no trim for welded construction, or Ares Engineering decorative stainless steel mesh series name and number (e.g., HJG-0808).
Opening SizeSelect the opening size for the wire mesh item. The opening size is the clear space between the wires, measured from the inside of one wire to the inside of the adjacent wire. For rectangular opening items, the width and length of the opening needs to be measured.
Screen SizesIn addition to selecting the opening size, many decorative stainless steel mesh items have a mesh size that is determined by measuring the number of openings per wire inch from the center of one wire to the center of the adjacent wire.
Wire Diameter / Wire GaugeSelect the diameter thickness (in inches) or wire gauge of the wire mesh. We provide more information on wire mesh diameter and wire gauge equivalents in the chart section on the Product Resources landing page above, for a uniform view please contact us to send you a chart.
Open Area PercentageDetermine the percentage of open area required in a sheet or coil.
Product Size, Form and QuantityThe number of rolls and/or sheets, including preferences for cut-to-size sheets and stubs.
Special RequirementsSpecify any requirements such as fabrication, edge finish, finishing, non-standard tolerances, etc. If your project requires filler sheets, the filler sheet worksheet can be found in the Overview section of the Screen Resources landing page.
AccessoriesDetermine if your application requires wire mesh accessories such as angles, flat bars or U-channel framing solutions.

Architectural use of stainless steel decorative wire mesh

As an extremely versatile material, decorative wire mesh is ever-growing in popularity for use within a number of applications. Not only customizable, durable, and sustainable, architectural wire mesh is also available in hundreds of patterns and a variety of engineered fastening systems. It's the perfect medium to satisfy any project, no matter the function or aesthetic. We offer a wide variety of rigid and flexible woven wire mesh, as well as a selection of ornamental welded wire mesh for architectural applications.

Whatever is the process, type of decorative wire mesh or field of application, we guarantee the highest quality.

Decorative metal mesh used by home builders and renovators

Decorative wire mesh enhances the interior and exterior of custom homes and commercial buildings. It can even be a key structural component of floor foundations and walls. Woven wire mesh can also be used in a variety of unexpected ways, such as 

Stairs with wire mesh railings 

Customized lighting features

Partition walls


Choose the best mesh for your project

Decorative metal mesh has many options to choose from. It will last for years without rusting, especially if galvanized or "plated". Depending on the type of metal, the maintenance required to keep the mesh looking shiny is minimal compared to other materials. In addition, woven wire mesh is flexible, often easy to form and cut, and suitable for any application.

Wire mesh types are divided by material, finish and weave, which means there are endless combinations available to meet the needs of countless projects. Options include

Antique brass finishes (economical and glossy brownish red)

Antique brass finishes (economical and lustrous tan)

Flat wire for cabinetry, entertainment centers and a variety of home features

Diagonal wire for garden grids, home décor and other applications

Solid brass, solid bronze and stainless steel for high-end and outdoor work

Wire Mesh Interior Design

Wire mesh can be used in any interior space, including living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms. With the wide variety of materials available, no look is too great to achieve.

In the home, woven wire mesh offers many advantages.

Wire mesh is an excellent choice for use as window treatments or room dividers. It allows light to pass through, making spaces feel more open, but certain weave types can still ensure privacy. 

The material diffuses and reflects light and is non-flammable, making it ideal for lamps and sconces. For lighting fixtures, the favorites are 100 and 150 mesh bronze.

Grids can be used in furniture design and home décor and provide attractive accents for cabinet doors, shelves, chairs, coffee tables, fireplaces and lighting fixtures.

Get information on which meshes perform well for specific projects around the house.

Production of stainless steel decorative wire mesh

Architectural and decorative wire mesh is metal mesh products for outdoor and interior decoration. Its advantages are not only flexible and durable but also environmentally friendly.

The architectural wire mesh has many styles, such as woven metal, wire mesh panels, cable wire mesh in rolls, chain mail curtain, etc.

All the details can be customized according to customers' requirements such as the material, wire diameter, hole size, panel size even the finish and color.

Decorative wire mesh is a must in the garden

Some gardeners use wire mesh to protect young plants or to keep chickens closer to home. However, this is just the beginning of how woven wire mesh can be used in the garden. Here are some additional ideas.

Properly installed pest control fencing protects crops from pests such as gophers and deer without the use of harmful chemicals.

Durable wire planters and towers can grow a wide variety of plants, including flowers, peas and tomatoes.

Wire mesh privacy screens can be used as deck dividers to allow light in while maintaining privacy.

The type of grid to use depends on the project. For example, 2 mesh and 4 mesh help screen soil and compost, while 16 mesh copper is useful in controlling the direction of crop root growth.

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