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Stainless Steel Decorative Wire Mesh

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304 Stainless Steel Helix Wire Mesh for Curtain Wall HJG-3040

Model No.: HJG-3040

Material: Stainless steel 304, 316, 316L and so on

Spiral diameter: 3.0mm

Spiral pitch: 30mm

Crossed rod diameter: 3.0mm

Crossed rod pitch: 40mm

Weight: 7.5 kg/m2

Stainless Steel Mesh Curtain

Of all the materials available in stainless steel mesh curtain, some architects or interior designers prefer stainless steel mesh curtain. commonly used as movable curtains for space partitions, window treatments, ceiling trim and other decorative uses. Specially designed for a variety of creative interior and exterior architectural applications, security doors and screens, and blast protection for high-threat facilities, these stainless steel mesh curtains offer design and material flexibility for unique, stunning effects.

stainless steel mesh curtain is the most durable and strongest of all metal alloys. 304 and 316 stainless steel wire are the most widely used types. By choosing metal mesh fabric curtains, draperies and panels, architects can meet shading, space separation, fall protection, light diffusion, ventilation, privacy, blast protection and decorative functions in one highly versatile, customizable material.

Installation type

Ceiling track

Fixed in place



Metal mesh curtains

Ceiling decoration

Space partitioning

Wall cladding mesh

Light trim

Ares Engineering maintains its position as the industry's leading supplier of stainless steel mesh curtain because of the unique and enhanced material properties of their products. For example, Fabricoil's translucency provides the feeling of opening and closing at the same time, enabling a variety of performance features that are simply not possible with traditional woven wire mesh materials. In addition, the material is not rigid, making it easy to achieve unique flowing creations. In addition, Ares Engineering's high quality metal mesh products are available in durable powder coatings, low VOC finishes and eye-catching custom colors.

The beauty of stainless steel mesh curtain is that it can be tensioned like a flat panel or used as a free hanging curtain. ares engineering offers a variety of durable, radiant materials that can be specified to create steel, aluminum, brass, copper or stainless steel mesh curtains or panels. Regardless of material choice, Ares Engineering is 100% recyclable, has a statement label, and is Red Listed for the Living Free Building Challenge. It has a low carbon footprint, is domestically sourced, easy to maintain and cost effective for building teams and owners.

Stainless Steel Mesh Curtain Manufacturer - Ares Engineering

Ares Engineering is committed to manufacturing coiled wire fabrics for architects and designers that provide significant building performance and environmental benefits.

Ares Engineering stainless steel mesh curtain hangs from above and can be attached to an operable connection system. With the flexibility and formability of the material, these removable systems allow for multiple space configurations, privacy when needed, and can even be concealed within wall channels. In addition, the metal mesh is more durable than everyday window coverings and stands up to the rigors of residential and commercial environments, including high-traffic lobbies, restaurants, offices, warehouse facilities and more.